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My recent experience with all aspects of the installation of our solar system was very positive. Our salesman was very sincere and friendly, the contractors who installed the panels were patient and explained everything so that even dummies like me could understand and the after service has been great. This company comes highly recommended.

Deanna GaggianoIngham

From start to finish, the whole process was extremely professional, quick and very good value for money. I would highly recommended RevoluSun Power. The staff were great.

DI FantiNome

We recently had a 5 kW solar system installed by RevoluSun Power and I was impressed by the cost (very reasonable), the workmanship (Excellent), and the professional installation using high quality components. It works like a charm producing enough power for a normal household even on a partly cloudy day. I would without hesitation recommend RevoluSun Power to anyone looking to go solar.

Jennifer TrickeySapphire

Absolute wonderful service! We had our system installed within 3 days of confirming order. Very professional and polite team of workers. Very efficient company to work with. Very Happy with end result and now enjoying our Solar system.

Marilyn CoffisonAnnandale

This is the life! Power from the Sun. Punctual , knowledgeable and Professional in the fitting of our Solar System. Treated our place like their own. Highly recommend them.

Shane CampbellMidge Point

My RevoluSun Power experience has been one that I could not rate highly enough. Everyone from the first phone call to the last has been a pleasure to deal with. All requests were dealt with promptly and without questions. The pricing was competitive from the start. Installation was organised in a very timely manner and completed with very little fuss.

Jinu VargheseMount Louisa

These people are the real deal- they're genuine, caring and in the solar business for the right reasons! And they're LOCAL just in case one needs after care customer service! Cannot recommend highly enough NORTH QUEENSLAND!

John NelsonBlueWater

Everyone right through to the installation team were professional. I was very impressed with the care taken by the installers to do the job right and finished cleanly. Ive had experience with two other solar companies in the past, and one previous install, so I feel I can say you guys are the best that I know of.

Lynette RitchingsCairns

Scored 10 out of 10 ! What a treat to deal with a group who keep their commitments and who are so co-operative – and at a competitive price. I can’t fault RevoluSun Power. Score ten out of ten. I hope I am asked by someone to recommend a solar company so that I can rave on.

Brett JensenTownsville

Professionalism and determination! I would like to take this opportunity and thank you RevoluSun Power for your wonderful support regarding the installation of our new solar system. I believe that other people wondering whom to choose as their solar panel installers should know that you have approached the installation of our solar system with professionalism and determination to have a happy customer at the end of the process.

Joe WoodMackay

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  • Helps the environment
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