Go Solar with REVOLUSUN!

Revolusun Power is one of the leading installers of quality Solar systems across Australia. One of the country’s few Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, we provide solar panel system solutions for businesses and homes across Australia including Townsville, Cairns, Melbourne and Darwin.

We have a quality-first approach to the solar panel products we select for our clients and back this up with the first-class customised design, the highest standard of solar installation and dedicated after-sales service.

Revolusun Power knows purchasing solar panels or a solar power system can be a big decision. We are renowned in the solar power industry for our no-pressure, consultative and informative approach in helping our clients understand exactly what installing a solar PV system can do for their electricity bills.



On your own, switching to solar is a headache. REVOLUSUN works with you in every step of the way to streamline the process of going green and making it easy for you to make the transition.

Free Consultation:

First, we need to know how much you’re paying for electricity, for each Quarter. The more you’re spending, the more you’ll save with solar. If you’re paying more than an average of $150 a quarter on your energy bill, we can help!

Financing to fit your needs:

Go solar for $0 down, buy the system outright, or lease it from us on an affordable payment plan.

Detailed Service:

We’ll send our shade study experts over to your home to check the position of your roof and to see if there are trees or other structures blocking the sun.

Personalised design and installation:

We draw up a plan tailored to the specifications of your home, apply for permits from electricity distributor and finally, our skilled installation team will do the heavy lifting and implement your home solar array.

Only the highest level of performance:

From the moment you go solar with REVOLUSUN, we only use the highest quality system to make sure it’s always running at its peak.

We’re in this together:

We’re here to serve. We’ll do whatever it takes to give you a first-class solar experience. Before and after your solar installation.